Advanced Software Engineering Corporation Canada

ASECC is a leading-edge software engineering company headquartered in Canada, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today's dynamic digital landscape.

With a strong focus on cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to excellence, ASECC provides a comprehensive suite of software development services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

We Offer State Of The Art PHP Software Development And DevOps

Kubernetes Scalable Cloud Deployments With Continuous Integration

Experience unparalleled scalability and resource efficiency with our Kubernetes-based cloud hosting service. Kubernetes orchestrates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

With Docker, you can containerize your applications, ensuring consistency across different environments.

GitHub integration facilitates a smooth workflow, allowing you to effortlessly manage and deploy your containerized applications directly from your repositories.

GoCD automates the build and testing phases of your software development lifecycle. With automated builds, you ensure that your codebase is consistently compiled and free of errors.

Moodle, Wordpress, PHP Open Source Software

As industry leaders in custom software development, we specialize in tailoring Moodle, the renowned learning management system, to meet your unique requirements.

Our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of Moodle's architecture and functionality, allowing us to create custom modules, themes, and features that align perfectly with your educational objectives.

Whether it's enhancing user experience, integrating third-party tools, or implementing specialized workflows, our proficiency in Moodle customization makes us the go-to choice for personalized e-learning solutions.


Here is an example of a full stack Moodle deployment that takes advantage of infinitely scalable infrastructure. It's code is hosted on private repositories that when updated, trigger a GoCD pipline to automatically test the new software build and deploy it to the cloud.

Our Services

We offer expertise in all of the following services, and more!


Our Sales & Development Process

We believe in sprint based AGILE approach for every client to deliver results on time and on budget.


1. Initial Consultation

Our sales process kicks off with a free consultation where we discuss your project requirements, goals, and objectives.

We'll provide you with a free quote based on the information gathered during this consultation.

2. Contract Signing

Once you're satisfied with the quote and ready to move forward, we proceed with the contract signing.

Our transparent and straightforward contract outlines all project details, terms, and conditions.

3. Agile Development Sprint Planning

With the contract in place, we embark on Agile development sprint planning.

We work closely with you to define user stories, prioritize features, and plan the development sprints.

This collaborative approach ensures that we're aligned with your vision and expectations from the very beginning.

4. MVP Delivery (Minimum Viable Product)

Our iterative development approach allows us to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) quickly.

This MVP provides you with a functional version of your project that can be tested and refined.

You can start reaping the benefits of your project sooner and gather user feedback for further enhancements.

5. On-the-Fly Scope Adjustment

As we progress through development sprints, we remain flexible to accommodate changes in project scope.

If you have new insights or requirements, we can adjust the scope on the fly, ensuring the final product meets your evolving needs.

This is often where billing gets off track and the client to service provider relationship can break down, but we work very hard together to agree to and assign pricing data to any scope adjustments at this stage.

6. Continuous Integration

Throughout the development process, we prioritize Continuous Integration (CI).

CI ensures that code changes are automatically integrated and tested, maintaining a high level of software quality and reliability.

It allows us to catch and resolve issues early, ensuring a smooth and error-free development process.

7. Product Launch

The launch event is your opportunity to make a big splash and generate excitement around your product.

The product has been properly designed and is ready for your business to launch your new software!

8. Ongoing Collaboration and Support:

Our collaboration continues as we iterate on the project to add features, enhancements, and improvements based on your feedback and evolving needs.

We provide ongoing support to ensure your project remains secure, up-to-date, and fully optimized.

Our Portfolio

Please review our portfolio, but note that most of our work is under NDA and cannot be publicly shared.


One Unified Platform To Scale Your Business

Scalar Sites is our in-house product built with reactive technology, NodeJS, MongoDB and Reactive based front end with Blaze.

Its many features include a website page builder, built in CRM, inbound email and sms routing, and a sophisticated backend solution called ARTIMUS that monitors for changes and pushes updates in real time to our cloud based data centers.


Advanced Moodle Docker

Docker gets a little tricky when you're talking about Moodle. Wait until you see our Kubernetes to enabled infinite scalability...

We've taken the official Docker for Moodle and added some enhancements. But don't worry, we've pushed those enhancements up to Moodle HQ to push the technology forward.

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